Seabrook Farms -- Product Listing
* In addition to those below, we perform all sorts of vegetable blending - including stir-fry blends w/ sauces and/or protein added
Broccoli Spears, Cuts, Chopped, Stalks, Florets, Creamed, w/ Cheese
Blackeye Peas  
Carrots Petite Whole, Tips, Chunks, Crinkle Cut, Julienne, Sliced, Diced, Shoestring
Brussels Sprouts  
Basil Chopped
Crowder Peas  
Corn, Yellow Cob, Petite Cob, Cut, Creamed, Boil-in-bag, in Butter Sauce
Collard Greens Chopped
Corn, White  
Field Peas w/ Snaps  
Organic Organic Vegetables
Fordhooks Butterbeans
Dixie Butter Peas  
Green Beans Cut, 1/2" Cut, Whole, Petite Whole, French, Mixed
Corn, Shoepeg  
Broccoli Raab  
Italian Green Beans  
Kale Chopped, Cut Leaf
Baby Lima Beans Petite
Onions Red, Diced, Chopped, Strips, Pearl, Whole Boiled
Mixed Vegetables 4-way, 5-way
Mustard Greens  
Okra Whole, Cut
Peppers Red, Green, Yellow, Mixed, Chopped, Strips
Peas Petite, Organic, Boil-in-bag, in Butter Sauce
Sugar Snap Peas  
Speckled Butterbeans  
Spinach Leaf, Chopped, Cut Leaf, Creamed
Squash Yellow, Cut and Quartered
Swiss Chard  
Turnip Greens Chopped, With Diced Turnips
Turnips Diced
Wax Beans Petite, Long Blanch
Potatoes Diced, Whole, Chunk, Wedges
Ice Snow
Asparagus Spears, Cuts and Tips
Chinese Pea Pods  
Water Chestnuts  
Mushrooms Sliced
Kidney Beans Red, White
Garbanzo Beans